Greetings Folks! In partnership with #ButteredUp – a new Toronto-based natural skin care line of body butters, created and run by the incredible Camaro West! – we are doing a small fundraiser to help raise some more dollars to support additional post-production costs for our upcoming doc #ShadeismDiggingDeeper. Each jar of body butter is hand-whipped by Camaro with love. It’s made to order moisture for your coils to your toes and everything in between! This is an all-natural product, made with shea butter and coconut oil, and can be custom-made to include your favourite essential oils! We are selling ONLY read more

A Quick Update!

Greetings Folks! We know, it’s been a long while since we last posted. The good news is, we’ve been busy finishing up this film! It’s definitely been both a challenging and inspiring journey to completion, full of crucial learnings for which we are deeply grateful. At this time, we are excited to share that we are now near the end of post-production for Shadeism: Digging Deeper and that it will be completed by January 2015! We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our incredible offline editor Nicole Sison at School Editing, and a storyteller all her own, who spent 9 months, read more

A Journey Unplanned
  • August 20, 2013
  • By: nayani

The journey we’ve taken in making this film was unplanned on our end. I never imagined the places our original short would take us and how far it would take us all (those involved in both its creation and its movement and its dialogue globally) – emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. I could never have predicted where it would take me both internally and externally, as a director and writer, whether I was “ready” or not. In the past 3 years, I’ve been to 4 regions, 7 countries, and over 15 cities. On each of those journeys, I’ve been inside and read more